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Record sales month
8 weeks after implementation

Founder and CEO Luke Nutting was an electrician who knew solar power would have an important role to play in NZ’s energy future, as it had done in many other countries, so he set out on a journey to help Kiwis harness the sun’s energy.

8 years later, Lightforce’s nationwide footprint includes solar hubs and dedicated teams in Auckland, Kerikeri, Waikato, Nelson, Christchurch and soon Cromwell, Wellington and Hawkes Bay.

Lightforce deliver world-class solar solutions to the residential, commercial and agricultural markets in the most environmentally responsible way possible. But they don’t just want to install panels and batteries. Lightforce are on a mission to become NZ’s largest rooftop generator.


To achieve that mission, COO Jack Bourke explains “when you have a strong vision and you want to scale at speed, it’s extremely important to have constant clarity for everyone around what the business wants to achieve”. Jack continues “MyBig5 is our tool of choice to make sure there is constant alignment between the company objectives and the goals that each individual contributor sets themselves each and every week”.


MyBig5 has become an important tool in making sure there is a consistent open communication channel between management and team members. During Covid lockdowns, with everyone working from home, MyBig5 served as a great way for people to “check-in” daily. Just by click on a sad, neutral or happy smiley face, everyone in the business can let the team know how they feel that day. One day, an employee had checked in with a sad face. It turned out that the employee’s father had had a heart attack. Thanks to MyBig5, the team leader had picked up on this and reached out for moral support.

Performance Management

As New Zealand comes out of lockdown, and people get back to the office, Lightforce have a clear strategy on how they see working from home (WFH) pan out for their staff moving forward. At Lightforce, employees can work from home 3 days per week and have to spend 1 day per week at the office. MyBig5 must be used daily for check in as well as for setting weekly goals for those who work from home 3 days per week. Building on the experience Lightforce has gained during lockdowns, they want to make sure that staff remain connected with the rest of the team. MyBig5 will be used by team leaders to assign weekly goals to individual team members, in order to keep alignment between personal goals and company objectives. This will ensure the much needed clarity during this exciting time of exponential growth at Lightforce.