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Welcome to MyBig5

Thank you for signing up to MyBig5! We’ll guide you through the process of getting your MyBig5 profile up and running.

Q. If you are the company owner, what do you do first?

First you choose your company’s cadence. Will your employees set weekly, fortnightly or monthly goals? Beware, this is set for the whole company, and changing this at a later stage will incur costs. Go to Administration, click on the organisation tab and choose the cadence at the bottom right.

The second thing to do is to set the Company objectives. The objectives will be visible to everyone at the top of the screen in a carousel. Transparency is a key feature of MyBig5. Click on Objectives in the left navigation. Click “Add Company Objective” and create your first Company Objective. We strongly recommend you create five in total, and make sure you cover financial, customer, employee objectives as a minimum.

In Administration, click on the Categories/Types tab. This is where you can define the types of goals. We have preset “strategic”, “operational” and “other” for you. Similarly, in the Categories tab, you can define the Categories for all goals and objectives. Typical categories for goals and objectives are “sales”, “marketing”, “finance”, etc.

Q. How do I add new Users?

New Team Members can be invited by clicking the Add Users button in Administration > Users. This will allow you to invite new users to MyBig5.

Q. How can I setup my Team?

Once you have invited your Team Members to MyBig5 go to Teams to setup teams within your organisation.

Q. How do I set my weekly/fortnightly/monthly goals?

Once your teams are setup, it’s now time to start choosing your goals for the first period (this can be a week, a fortnight or a month). Navigate to My Week (fortnight/month) in the navigation.

Q. How do I change User details?

Click on Administration in the left navigation and click on the Users tab. Click on the pencil icon (to the right end side of each user). Choose the default team for the user and choose the user role of the user. You can de-activate the user here as well.

Q. How do I set up or change Billing?

Click on Administration in the left navigation and click on the Billing tab. Click the upgrade button, which will take you to our pricing page. Choose the right billing plan for your company.

Q. What are Divisions?

If you want to add divisions (like sales, marketing, finance, etc.) you can click on Divisions in the left navigation. As a Division owner, you can then create Division objectives. Note: This is only available to the Company owner, Division owner or Admin User roles. If you are not one of those 3 users, please contact your Admin or Company owner.

Q. Why 5 goals per week?

Warren Buffet is well known as one of the richest men on earth. What he is less known for, is his 5/25 rule or “Big 5” rule. Warren teaches us to focus on 5 goals only, and never, ever to look at anything else but those 5 goals.

Q. What’s the story with strategic and operational goals?

We have further refined Warren Buffet’s Big 5 rule, based on years of experience from CEOs in large corporations and banks. We strongly suggest having 1 personal (well being) or team goal, 2 strategic goals and 2 operational goals. We realise that may be easier for managers and leaders, and harder for front line staff.

Q. Why weekly goals?

From experience, having weekly goals is a great cadence. It is easier to get into a rhythm that way. MyBig5 allows you to set up your company’s rhythm (Cadence) to fortnightly or monthly.

If you have any support queries, or feature suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us using the feedback button located near the bottom right of your screen.

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