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Users tab

on this tab, the company owner or administrator can

Add Users

By clicking the Add Users button the Invite new users window opens allowing 5 email addresses to be added.
Validation has been applied to ensure a valid email is entered and that the Invite button doesn’t submit if all fields are blank.

A clear button clears all fields
Close clears any populated fields and returns the user to the User page
Invite triggers welcome emails to each email address. The new user is then added to the Active Users list and billing will be updated for the client adding each user to the bill. The user is returned to the User page.

View a grid of Active/Inactive users

The grid is searchable and sortable (asc/desc) by each field

  • Full Name (default sort asc)
  • Email
  • Autotask User (Yes/No)
  • Last Active Date
  • User Role


Edit existing users

Email: Read-only field. Not editable as this is the email used to login
Default team: This determines the default team shown on the My Week page.
User Role: Dropdown selection. Changing the user role triggers an orange warning advising that changing the user role will impact what the user can see and do. See Permissions Matrix for a breakdown of user roles
Active: check box as to whether the user is currently active in MyBig5. Setting a user to ‘Inactive’ stops them being able to log into MyBig5 and updates the billing for the client by removing one user

User Permissions

Allow/disallow each users to view the dashboard opens a popup window for User Permissions allowing the user to toggle between giving the user visibility to the dashboard, or not.

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