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Teams Page

MyBig5 requires a users to be part of a team. As a member of a team you can see team member’s goals and team objectives.

On this page, an Administrator, Company owner, Division owner and Team owner can

  • add a new team by clicking on the ‘Add new team’ button
    being added to a Team means the user will see their teams objectives. It is required to see the “My week” page. It does not impact surveys. It is required to be able to get reviews. You can see team members goals, you can see team objectives.
  • Toggle between lists of existing Active and Inactive teams showing :
    Team Name (default sort order is Team Name Alphabetical)
    Team Description
    Division Name
    Actions (Edit/Add Team Members/Delete)


Edit – edit existing team details by clicking the pencil icon
Team Members – Add or Edit the Team Owner, Team Leader or Team Members
Delete – Delete teams using the bin icon
if Goals or Objectives exist, a validation message is showing to warn the user deleting the team

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