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My Team goals tab

Add Goal

clicking the “+Add Goal” button allows the user to create a new team goal

Goal name – This is the goal name and is Mandatory
Description – A description of the goal is optional
Target Date – The user can record an estimated/aspirational target date (greater than today) to achieve the goal (optional)
Status – Dropdown selection of statuses. (Optional)
Type – Dropdown selection of Types from Admin>Categories/Types
Category – Dropdown selection of Categories from Admin>Categories/Types
Recurring – A check box, once ticked displays a Days free text field with info on hover over. If a goal is recurring, a new goal is created x number of days after this goal is moved.
Link to Objective – The user can also link the goal to an objective (optional)
Cancel – clears all fields and returns user to the My Team Goals page
Create Goal – Creates the new goal in the My Team Goals table in the DB. The creation date of the goal is automatically added to the DB record as today’s date.

My Team Goals Grid

Target Date – Sorts by date showing any past dates at the top, then null value dates, then next upcoming dates
Goal Name – Name of goal
Description – Goal Description
Status – Goal status
Category – Category if one is provided
Link to Objective – objective name if linked
Date Created
Move check box – to select goals for moving
Recurring symbol – only displayed if goal is recurring
Actions – Edit/Delete

Assign To

The user can tick the “Assign” tick box for each goal in the My Team Goals list, which means that if the “Assign To” button is clicked (blue button on top of the page), all “ticked” goals will be assigned to the current week (if there are less than 5 goals in the current week)

if you assign a goal to someone, a new Goal is created for that user in their iteration and is linked to the TeamGoals goal. Ie. if you assign one to yourself, and then update the status of it in your own iteration, it will reflect in the Team goals area.


Each goal in the list can be edited by pressing the “edit” pencil

Each goal can be deleted with the delete icon

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