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Surveys tab

on this tab, Company Owners/Administrators and Division Owners can create, edit, or end an employee survey. An active survey will show in a users ‘Survey’ page to be completed. Once completed, the number of responses on this page increases by one.

If there is no current or upcoming survey

the user is shown that there is no currently active survey and has the option to create a new survey with a button

Creating a new survey

The user needs to configure the survey

  • The first choice is the survey type. Currently there is only one survey type option ‘Engagement’. This selection will become editable when new survey types are added
  • choose a start and end date for the survey
  • If the start date is in the future, this survey will set as “current” but not “active” until the start date is either today (or passed).
  • Once the start date is either today or has passed, the user can mark it as active which will allow all Users to see it and complete it. (NOTE: Surveys will not automatically mark as active at the start date – a Company Owner/Administrator and Division Owner HAS to mark it as active to begin the survey. This is the desired logic from the original spec).
  • make the survey active/inactive – a future dated survey can not be set to active until the start date. The survey needs to be set to Active to be seen by users. If the survey is set to Inactive before or after the start date, it will be removed and unseen by users.

If there is a currently Active or Upcoming survey

The user is shown the following read only fields
Start Date
End Date
Created By (User name)
Responses (# value)

And has the options to
End Survey
Edit Survey: (Type of survey is read only, Start, End dates and Active status are editable)

Survey results can be viewed within the Dashboard if the user has been given Dashboard Permissions

Note the Survey functionality is only available on perform and engage paid plans (not the Freemium Plan nor the Starter plan) and will only display if selected in Admin/Company Details

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