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My Week (fortnight/month)

On this page, a user can add/edit her/his goals for the week (fortnight/month)

User Actions

Select a team – Choose which of their Teams they wish to view (default is the default team selected in their profile) using a drop down on the left hand side
Select a team member – View other Team Members “My Week” pages (read only)
View the team objective – Objective title, Key result, End date and Status read only. This is a carousel if there is more than one objective.

Week navigation – Weeks can be navigated through using the left arrow to go back a week, and the right arrow to navigate forward a week.

Title and Progress bar – The name and progress bar are updated so the user knows which person’s goals they are currently viewing, and how far their weekly goals they have progressed.

Goal Widgets

Widgets display the week’s goals of the user being displayed. These are only editable if the user is viewing their own goals. The information displayed is
Objective – in blue font, only displayed if the goal is linked to an objective
Goal title

  • Tick – to mark the goal as ‘Done
  • Pencil – to edit the goal
  • Bin – to delete the goal

Progress bar – updated based on status

Your Personal Objective widget

If the user has a User Objective, the title and key result are shown in this widget. If there is more than one objective, this is a carousel.

Buttons which link to other actions

check in

edit week

post to email

add goal

close week

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