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My Profile tab

My Profile page can be accessed from the left hand navigation ‘My Profile’ or clicking on the user name in the top right hand corner and choosing ‘My Profile’

Fields within My Profile
Pop up screen titled “User details”

  • Email This field is the users login email/username so cannot be edited.
  • Default Team Editable. This determines the default team shown on the My Week page and the Objectives>Team Objectives page
  • First and Last name Editable.
  • User role is only editable by those who are Division Owner or Owner Company. This is so div owners can setup team owners. Dropdown selection. Changing the user role triggers an orange warning advising that changing the user role will impact what the user can see and do. See Permissions Matrix for a breakdown of user roles
  • Active – check box as to whether the user is currently active in MyBig5. Only an admin, company owner or division owner is able to change the active status of Users. Setting a user to ‘Inactive’ stops them being able to log into MyBig5 and updates the billing for the client by removing one user.

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