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My Goals Page

This page has also been described as the “holding pen” , “brain dump” or “to do list” page.
The purpose of this page is to allow a user to jot down an unlimited number of goals.

clicking the “+Add Goal” button allows the user to create a new goal
The user can record an estimated/aspirational target date to achieve the goal (optional)
The user needs to give the goal a name.
A description of the goal is optional, as is a category for the goal.
The user can also link the goal to an objective (optional)
the creation date of the goal is automatically added
the progress status shows how far the goal has been progressed to completion. this is tracked between My Week and My Goals.

The user can tick the “move” tickbox for each goal in the My Goals list, which means that if the “move” button is clicked (blue button on top of the page), all “ticked” goals will be moved to the current week (if there are less than 5 goals in the current week) or the next week (with always a maximum of 5 goals per week).
If the iteration of the company or team is different from a week (e.g. fortnight or month), then the goal(s) will be moved to the current or next iteration (fortnight or month), with a maximum of 5 goals per iteration

the tickbox “recurring” allows the user to have the goal be moved to “my week” and remain in the My Goals list. If the goal is set up as a recurring goal, when you choose the ‘move’ functionality, the goal remains on this page and the success message says a duplicate goal has been created in My Week.
Hover over information explaining how it works.

Do we want to go forth with this approach? Should it be in this release or a subsequent release given deadlines?

Each goal in the list can be edited by pressing the “edit” pencil

Each goal can be deleted with the delete icon

whenever a goal is unfinished at the end of a week, and the user wants to save it for later, that goal will be moved to this list.
The goal will keep its progress status.

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