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MyBig5 is an application for users to focus on 5 goals per week (or fortnight, or month, depending on how their company/organisation has set up the cadence – or rhythm – for goal setting and checking).
MyBig5 encourages the creation of objectives and key results, set by a company’s leadership. These objectives and key results are typically for a longer term than goals: objectives are set for a quarter, 6 months or a year. Goals are set for the week, fortnight or month.

Based on the experience of the likes of Warren Buffett and Hugh Burrett (ex CEO ASB Bank New Zealand), focusing on 5 goals dramatically improves efficiency and effectiveness of time management. A New Zealand company called Base-2 experimented with the principle of focusing only on 5 goals per week, and the company saw employee engagement (and as a result, company profits) grow substantially.

MyBig5 assigns “points” to each goal for every user. These points can be chosen by the company owner or administrator in the administration section. These points reflect the alignment of each user goal with company objectives, division objectives (if there are any), team objectives or personal objectives. Remember: objectives are long term goals. These points are called ‘directional alignment’ points.

The more directional alignment points, the better the alignment between user goals and company objectives.

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