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Integrations tab

Autotask Integration

This section is optional. Autotask Integration is only relevant for MSPs who use Autotask. So we should make this only visible to companies who use Autotask If they do, they can then choose their weekly goals from the Autotask system (see the wiki page on linking goals: link goals page

Editable fields

  • enter your Autotask API Username and Password
  • Test Connection – once the Username and Password fields are populated the user can check integration to Autotask is working successfully by clicking the ‘Test Connection’ button
  • If Successful the system will display “Thank you , your connection to Autotask has been successful. You can link your Autotask User to your MyBig5 User in your profile screen.” From here, the user will go to their Profile and find a drop-down of “Resources” which are AutoTask users, they then link themselves to their AT User.
  • If Unsuccessful the system will display a message saying “There was an issue connecting to AutoTask”

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