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Engagement survey page

This page shows the 12 Gallup employee engagement survey questions.
11 questions require a score from 1 to 5, visualised by 5 “smiley” faces.
The last question is the eNPS question, which requires a score from 0-10

A selected smiley face has a blue oval circling the face

Once all questions have a selected answer, the Submit button appears at the bottom of the page

Survey Completed

After the user hits “Submit” they are taken to a success page
Survey Completed
You have completed this engagement survey. See you next time!

If the user returns to the survey page, but has already answered it, they will continue to see the Survey Completed message

13th Question

NOTE: From the second survey onwards, there will be a 13th question.
This question is free text, optional, and allows the employee to answer the following question:
“Since last survey, What has improved? What has stayed the same? What has worsened?”

The free text answers from this question will then be processed by the Artificial Intelligence engine, and we can do key phrase extraction reporting on all free text answers.

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