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Divisions page

If a company has different divisions (divisions are optional), they can create and edit these divisions on this page using the ‘Add new Division button.

Only Company Owners/Admins and Division Owners have access to this page via the left hand navigation. These users will see a grid titled ‘Divisions’

The Division Grid

  • Division Name – in alpha sort order
  • Division Owner
  • Actions Edit or Delete

Add or Edit Division

Click on the ‘Add new Division’ button to create a new division, or the Edit pencil icon from the grid to edit an existing division.

  • Name – Mandatory, must be unique
  • Division Owner – Mandatory, this is a searchable dropdown field of active users
  • Close – Clears the form and returns the user to the Division Grid
  • Create/Update Division – Updates the DB and makes this new division available for selection in objectives, linkable to teams and will appear on the Objective page.

Delete Division

Clicking on the Delete icon from the Division Grid triggers an ‘are you sure’ message asking the user to confirm deletion

  • Close – Clears the form and returns the user to the Division Grid
  • Delete – Removes this division from the DB, from selection in objectives, and from the Objective page.

Typical divisions are

  • sales
  • marketing
  • manufacturing
  • finance
  • leadership
  • customer service
  • field service
  • R&D
  • legal

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