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Close Week

The purpose of Close week is to make sure that the user closes her/his week before starting a new week (or fortnight, or month). It’s designed so that users are forced to think about the goals they set for the week and whether they finished/completed those goals, and if not, what they decide to do with the unfinished goals.

Clicking the ‘Close Week’ button from the My Week page opens the Finish Week Wizard.

Finish Week Wizard form

Title: Finish Week Wizard
Subtitle: Edit, Complete, Carry Over or Save for Later
Week: Week Aug 28 to Sep 03

There is a Start tab, a tab for each goal and a Finish tab

Start tab

“Finish Week Process
This wizard will guide you through the ‘Finish Week’ process.
All Goals in this Week will need to be Completed, Carried Over or Saved for Later (unfinished business).
If you wish to continue, click ‘Next'”

Cancel button clears any changes and takes the user back to the My Week page
Next takes the user to the next tab
If the Goal is already set to Done, that goal tab should be skipped

Goal tab

This tab allows the user to edit the Goal title, description, Status and Category
Then the user can select one of three actions
Mark As Done – changes the goal’s state to Done
Carry Over – Moves the goal to the next week
Leave for Later – Moves the goal to the My Goals page. This goal is deleted from the My Week list and added as new goal in the My Goals list.

Back Takes the user back a tab
Next Takes the user forward a tab

Finish tab

The Finish tab changes depending on whether the user has completed a daily check in

“”Finish Week Final Step
Well done, You are about to Finish your Week!”

If Daily Check In has not been completed

You haven’t checked in today
Please check-in below to finish closing this Week
How are you feeling today?
User can select from one of the three smiley faces. Sad, Neutral, Happy
User has the option to add comments
Check In button

Below the Daily Check In…

“Please make sure you are happy with your updates and actions on this Week Goals and then click Submit to close your Week.”

Back Takes the user back a tab
Submit – Sets the week to closed and updates all goals with their new state. Note the submit button is inactive until the Check In section has been completed

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