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Billing tab

on this page the administrator/company owner can review and upgrade the current billing plan


Shows the number of active users and current monthly cost
As soon as a user is invited, the number of users for billing will increase, if a user is made inactive, they will be removed from the billing number of users

Plan Information

Shows the current Plan name and monthly cost per month. The Pricing currency is sourced from the stripe itself.


The Upgrade button takes the user to the Pricing Upgrade website page, once they choose the new plan they return to the Admin> Billing page and their stripe subscription gets updated to the correct plan.

The upgrade button takes the user to the Pricing Upgrade page.
This is redirected with a special token so that the system knows on the way back that this is an upgrade and not a new register.
On return, the token is used to figure out which company and is accompanied by which Plan we are upgrading to.
If we are upgrading, the view automatically shifts to the Billing tab and shows the new Plan information and what it will cost the user.

Credit Cards

Billing Email
A billing email address can be entered

The credit card details can be entered, and the card can be validated
Credit card information is stored in Stripe, we do not store anything for security purposes.

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