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Add Goal

From the My Week page a user can click on the Add Goal button to open the ‘Create Weekly Goal’ window. Note the button disappears once 5 goals are set for the current week.

Create Weekly Goal

Sub heading “Add your Weekly Goal details below to add a new goal to your MyBig5.”
Goal – Mandatory free text field (255 Character Limit)
Description/How are you going to measure this? – Optional Free text field (1000 Character Limit)
Type – Optional, drop down menu showing the Type options
Category- Optional, drop down menu showing the Category options
Status – defaults to Not Started

Link to Objective – Clicking on this button adds an ‘Objectives’ field with a drop down selection listing Team, Division and Company objectives with the option to select from the drop down or cancel linking to an objective. Objectives are limited to Teams and Divisions that they belong to.

Cancel – Clears all fields and closes the pop out window
Update Goal – Submits the goal, closes the pop up, and displays the new goal on the My Week page

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