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Success stories

See how MyBig5 is helping companies improve profit and engage their people


“I previously owned my own business. I really like the approach that Mybig5 has taken with goal setting across the business. For instance, the ability to align my goals with things higher up the chain.

I started my career as the guy in the trenches. I am back there now, and it is really nice to understand what the business is trying to achieve. Also, how the things I am being asked to do day to day fit into the puzzle.

MyBig5 allows me to see how I am directly contributing to the success of the business. I feel that this tool is essential for any business that wants to have their staff all working toward a collective goal.”


“I have never been a ‘make a list’ kind of person. I always thought I was just getting things done. After our business took on MyBig5 I have found myself becoming significantly more productive. Historically I found myself side-tracked into helping colleagues with their work and letting my own things slip. But I find that when I’ve added something in MyBig5 it becomes a priority task and each week I strive to get things done and select that magic ‘Completed’ button.”

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