The Big 5 Software team

Mission Statement

Big 5 software wants to be the world’s leading developer of software to make people fully engaged at work.

Vision Statement

Across the world, people are fully engaged at work because their direction aligns with their company’s vision and their company has a weekly process of setting and achieving 5 individual goals.

Our Story

Base 2 is a Managed (IT) Service Provider based in New Zealand. A few years ago, Greg Sharp, Base 2’s managing director, noticed that staff engagement was average. So, Greg developed a new performance management process, focusing on 5 key weekly results for each employee. These 5 key results are: one personal or team result, two strategic and two operational results. The big 5 concept was born. Base 2 ran the Big 5 concept for a few years and profits rose by 25%, whilst engagement grew from a score of 2.8, to 4.2 out of 5. Greg wanted to share the success of the concept with other businesses and he approached Travis Beesley to translate the concept into a software as a service application. At the end of 2020, Big 5 Software Ltd saw the light of day to take the app to the world.

Andrew Reeve
Lead Developer
Bart Brichau
Gareth Beesley
VP Development
Greg Sharp
Ian Baker
Travis Beesley
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