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Engage your employees
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MyBig5 Employee Experience Software

powered by AI

Including Performance Management 2.0,

Employee Engagement and Goal setting

“Only 16% of employees are engaged.

Only 2% of companies think their performance management system delivers value.”


How MyBig5 Employee Experience software works

MyBig5 employee experience software is all about listening to your employees. First, the company leadership sets 5 Objectives with Key Results (OKR) for the longer term (quarter, semester or year). Secondly, everyone in the company sets 5 goals for the week, fortnight or month. These are FAST goals:

  • Frequently discussed (at least monthly),
  • Ambitious,
  • Specific (recorded in MyBig5) and
  • Transparent (everyone can see each other’s goals in MyBig5).

And they are SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely). Whenever an employee sets their 5 weekly goals, they can link them to the OKRs. That way, you align the weekly goals of all employees with the company OKRs. Moreover, the AI engine provides insights, predictive analysis and personalised suggestions.

Thirdly, the weekly cadence ensures focus and purpose, which drives better profit and productivity. As management, you are now well aware of what your staff is focusing on and how it aligns with your company objectives.

Finally, all this results in more engaged people at work.

5 goals

One personal goal or a team objective, two operational and two strategic goals.

Directional alignment

Alignment with the company objectives for all employees.

Every week

A weekly cadence (rhythm) to make it easy and front of mind.

Directional Alignment x Cadence = Engagement (Purpose, Productivity, Profit)

“We have been using MyBig5 for a few years. Staff engagement has gone up by 50% and profits by 25%.”

Greg Sharp, General Manager Base 2
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